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A Warm Welcome.

Children have an unending supply of energy and it is immediately obvious that they are happiest when busy. Our aim at Bracken Hill Nursery is to nurture and encourage a love of learning by stimulating their curiosity in a happy, yet disciplined and structured environment. Over the years we have developed a curriculum of which we are very proud, incorporating all aspects of a child’s development. While working within a structured programme we as a Nursery School believe that learning and self-development can be best taught through play and self-expression. 

Our staff are selected very carefully, not only for their qualifications and experience but also for their love of children. We understand that continuity of care for the children is paramount and for that reason we are totally committed to promoting staff loyalty. We believe it's not just what you teach children that's important - it's the way you make them feel. We pride ourselves in helping to develop children who leave us confident, articulate and eager to learn.

As our nursery school is run as a Charitable Trust (not-for-profit) we deeply appreciate the fundraising done by our volunteer Parents Committee each year and the contributions from all parents, friends, family members and businesses over the years.

Gwen Delaney
School Manager

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