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As our school is run as a Charitable Trust we deeply appreciate the fundraising done by our volunteer Parents Committee each year. The organisation of events such as our Christmas Fair, Desperate Howthwives pre-Christmas dinner, our Aqua Gala evening and many other activities during the year ensures that we have a supply of resources available to the school to provide stimulating and exciting projects for the children through the year.


Parent's Committee :

The Committee is a fun way to be involved with the school and members give as much or as little time and support as they can  - all help is appreciated. The committee is open to everyone to join, just come along to a meeting or get in touch with any member to see how you can help.


Superpowers :

If you're unable to join the committee but would still like to be involved let us know of any superpowers you might have that could be useful! Are you a champion mural painter, do you wood carve in your spare time, are you a talented graphic designer who could help with invitations / poster design for events. Even the smallest help can make a huge difference.

Auction Prizes :

We have three auctions / raffles during the course of the year and fantastic prizes can often make the difference between a good raffle and a bumper one so please if you have anything you think we could use all would be very gratefully received. 

This year's committee:  

Dee O Donnell, CarolAnn Johnson,  Emma Conneely, 

Get in touch : Gwen 0868100173.

I want to help!...

Success! Message received.

for those in need of inspiration!
Classroom Resources :
If we won the lotto these would be on our list!

- Magnatiles

- Kinetic Sand

- Wooden fruit and vegetables for our      

  play kitchen and shop

- Ikea 'fruit stall' - for role play

- New outdoor Play House

Committee Support :

Superpowers we currently need...

- Mural Painter

- Raffle Prizes for Aqua Gala Evening

- Signage Printers

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