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Weather Warning

Weather Warning

We are not sure yet how the snow is going to affect us. The weather reports are for disruptive snow later in the week but maybe as early as Tuesday night. In the event of accumulations we will take the step of closing the school, particularly as the school is on higher ground, Some of you may rememeber us in 2010 and the school was extremely difficult to gain access to. At this point we just have to stay vigilant. We will follow advice from the Met Office.

If there is a major snow fall overnight, or if the Met Office issue a red warning and ask for schools to close I will alert you by webtext that we are closing the school.

In the event of snow falling and accumulating whilst children are in school we will keep in touch via the parent's WhatsApp group as we have no WIFI in school to send webtexts. If you are not on the WhatsApp group OR your child is being collected by a minder please let us know asap and we will then alert them by text.

IF WE CLOSE we will remain closed until we feel it is safe to re-open, considering that the children in our care are 5 years and under.

Stay safe and keep warm.

Keep an eye on this website for updates.

PLEASE KEEP YOU PHONE ON and check this website for updates.

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